17 Useful Natural Winter Skin Care Tips

With the coming of winter season many changes occurs in environment like low temperature, low humidity, and cool winds. All these changes badly effects the skin of humans. Dry cool winds and also long bath of much hot water pull out the moisture of skin and make skin rough.

Due to roughness skin start cracking. So there will need to take care of skin. Winter skin care tips are useful for preventing skin from effects of changing weather like cracks in skin and bleeding from cracks in winter.

Because prevention is better than cure. Natural skin care tips are very effective and no side effect on skin. For parties you need to make ready your self. So be take care of your skin to remain attractive.

Some tips are given below to prevent the skin from many problems in winter season also make skin healthy.

  1. Use moisturizer lotion or cream to prevent the skin dry when going out side.
  2. Covered parts of body as much you can.
  3. Make use of that accessories in your room that take back the moisture of your skin.
  4. Drink certain quantity of mixture of  hot water and lemon juice for prevention of skin problems.
  5. Avoid to take bath with extremely hot water because it pull out moisture of skin.
  6. Eat sodium free diet for good and healthy skin.
  7. Use vegetables of green leaves in your diet that are very good for skin.
  8. Eat carrot, radish and spinach etc for glowing skin.
  9. Apply layer of honey on dry lips it prevent lips from cracking.
  10. Eat fruits having vitamin C and E in diet for prevention of skin problems.
  11. Use dishes of fish in diet because fish has many minerals for skin.
  12. Eat berry for good health and skin because it provide vitamins to skin.
  13. Use Nuts in your diet because have natural oil which is very beneficial for skin.
  14. Apply thin layer of albumen of egg on face for over come the effects of changing weather.
  15. Take specific quantity of butter and curd in your diet.
  16. Give some certain amount of steam to your face for safety of face.
  17. Use olive oil in different dishes of meal for good and healthy skin.

Those people that does not follow winter skin care tips facing common problems of skin in winter as like as when not follow summer skin care tips in summer. Skin problems are occur due to carelessness of skin in winter. Some common problems of skin in winter is discussed are given below.

More Winter Skin Care Tips and Treatments

Skin Itching

Dry skin be the causer of skin itching with is very terrible. For this problem you can use best moisturizing creams and lotions which heal the skin. Use olive oil in meal for over come problem of skin itching. You also need to visit skin specialist in the case of skin problems.

Dryness On Face

Dry and cool winds cause of dryness on face which is common problem. To overcome dryness from skin need to use perfect diet and elements that remove dryness like night cream, body lotion, oil and milk. Some home remedies help to overcome skin problems.

winter skin care tips 2017

Breakouts on Skin

This is a problem of skin sensitivity in the winter occur due to lack of moisturizer and minerals in body due to not follow the winter skin care tips. So for healing body from this problem need to use more moisturizer and best cleanser. Need to place layer of  Vaseline lotion or cream.

Cracks On Lips

Due to cold winds lips tends to dry and then if not take care of lips the crack appear on lips. To over come the cracks need to used good quality chap stick for lips also apply layer of honey or layer of cream of milk at sleeping time.

Cracks On Heel

This is very common problem of winter when feet are not cover so cracks appears on heels of feet. If not take care of cracks then after some time bleeding occur through cracks. It is very important to take care of cracked heels because feet are important part of body. Apply layer of mixture of glycerine and Vaseline on the heel cracks and covered feet with socks.

winter skin care tips

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